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Page updated 17 February 2013

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Why Should I want to Give Access to someone Else?

When using computers we all have problems from time to time where we need a little help. Even so-called "experts". sometimes resort to Google to get an answer but there are often circumstances when the results returned are confusing or even, in some cases, malicious or misguided. 

Experience helps to evaluate such search results but it may be better, if there is doubt, to ask for some guidance just in case you make things worse. Examples where you should leave well alone include changes to the Registry unless you know what you are doing. Unless you have a good reason, e.g. detailed step by step instructions on a reputable manufacturer's web site, - DON'T DO IT. Similarly Registry Cleaners - even ones that are recommended - are to be used with great care. If you don't know WHY you are doing it DON'T. Ask for help!

Do not allow anyone who you do not trust completely to remotely connect to your computer. With this remote access technology they will have full access to your computer and would be able to read any files or open any email. You do not even have to be there. The computer just has to be switched on! By following these instructions you are accepting that you acknowledge this warning and give your full permission for me to access this your computer. This applies to John Steele or any other delegated administrator. On my part I will agree to only access your computer for the purpose agreed and when we agree. If I should delegate access to another person it will again only be with your express agreement.

The Program Used

TEAMVIEWER is a remote access program that is designed for use by Helpdesks. This replaces the LOGMEIN programs that was previously used for support as it is much easier for a user to install and then ask for remote support.

This service is offered principally to GXCC club members and please be aware that it may not be possible to give immediate help as John is working full time. Non members with problems may also contact me to discuss terms and can sometimes be supported depending on how complex the problem is and the urgency.

No guarantees can be given however as to whether problems can be solved, although every effort will be made to ensure that at least the situation is not made any worse.

Before agreeing yo permit me to control your computer it suggested that you visit the site and check that the security offered is acceptable. If you install the sortware, and give me the appropriate passwords, you are giving me permission to access your computer and you are willing to trust me with all of your data

Subject to your antivirus and firewall settings John will then be able to install/uninstall software, reboot your machine (even into Safe Mode) etc. 

There may be some AV and firewall packages that need settings to be altered to enable remote control. They are quite legitimately protecting against remote applications making changes to the system. this is very good for the defence of your computer but it prevents me from helping you! I have not yet found any such packages that affect TeamViewer but be prepared that this might be an issue.

Detailed Installation Instructions

TeamViewer is very easy to set up. You should download one of the two versions before you request access.

For further information visit the TeamViewer site

TeamViewer also provides a "Chat"  facility so that John can communicate with you. If appropriate Voice communication can be used if your computer has sound and a microphone. It can even set up video communication but his is not normally necessary for support.

John can transfer files to and from his machine which can be useful for error logs for example.

With the full install (see below) John can, with your permission, set up reboot into safe mode and unattended access so that TeamViewer starts automatically when the computer is started. This is optional and does not affect the levelk of support if you are present.

Note that support can be requested from ANYONE that has the full version of TeamViewer installed. This is very different from the previous support program used, Logmein.

Option 1

Download the Quick Access aplication from the following link

Run the program, this version does not need to be installed. It will display a dialog box containingthe following information.

Your ID

<some numbers>


<some letter/number>

The nine numbers displayed in the field following "Your ID" refer to your computer and will always be the same on that computer.

The characters displayed in the field following "Password" will be different each time the program is run.

Contact John by telephone or email and give him those two items. As the password changes each time TeamViewer is run there is little risk in emailing the password. John will then be able to connect to your computer and take over the keyboard and mouse and begin to do whatever is necessary.

There is an option to automatically upgrade to option 2 which John will only do if you give explicit permission.

Option 2

Download the full installable version from the following link

This version needs to be installed but provides more options.

By default it will only run when you initiate it but it can be set to run automatically when Windows starts.

John will sometimes need to know your normal user names and passwords depending on what support is required. 

Functionally it appears the same as with option 1.

Just run the installed program and contact John with the User ID and Password and he can then connect to your machine. 

John can, with your permission, set up a standard string password which is always the same and then connect to your machine with a single click. The user credentials are stored in a secure password manager, KeePass, and are strongly encrypted.

Page last edited by John Steele on 17 February 2013. Please advise him if you find any errors.