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Bootvis - Installation

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Page updated 5 September 2008

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BootVis is a program, originallaly written by Microsoft but no longer available as a direct download from their site. It captures all the applications loaded during the boot process  and records this to a file for later analysis.

Installation of BootVis

Bootvis can be downloaded from here. It is an msi file and can be installed by double clicking.on the downloaded file.

Installation Step Screenshot

This is the first screen displayed. Click Next to contine.

Login screen

Accept the standard EULA by clicking Next

Login screen

Click Next  to continue

Login screen

Installation continues ...

Login screen

... and completes. Click Close to finish.

Login screen

Start BootVis using the Start menu - this is the first screen shown.

Login screen

Select the boot option from the menu as shown on the screen shot. The option show will show both the boot and driver startup delays.

Login screen

This screen allows the boot options to be customised. I have not explored it in any detail but it seems to allow a number of reboots to gic=ve several samples. For now we will accept the defaults

Login screen
Bootvis will need to reboot the computer so that the process can be monitored. Reboot will happen automatically. it can be accelarated by clicking the button. Login screen

This creenshot shows the result when Bootvis is used to display the file. You may need to search for the the file TRACE_BOOT....

Login screen

Analysis of the resulting file is currently outside the scope of this page!