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Page updated 25 Sep 2020

Gerrards Cross Computer Club

Gerrards Cross Computer Club (GXCC) has been in existence for many years. We hold regular monthly meetings in Gerrards Cross and the details of our future events are shown on our club web site Our membership includes both IT professionals (both working and retired) and users wishing to expand their knowledge of computing. The GXCC web site also links to this page by following the link under "Technical support"

GXCC was formed as, and remains, a self help group where our members can ask for, or give, support on computer related issues. While in the early days GXCC was mainly supporting users of DOS and Windows Personal Computers it has since evolved to support Apple and Android products and even Linux. Outside of our monthly meetings support is provided via our Members Only forum This forum has a public page that has links to the GXCC home page,, where you will find details of our meetings. If you attempt to join the support group, but are not a member, you will be invited to join.

This web page, and the topics pages linked to it, was created, and is maintained by, John Steele on behalf of GXCC (although it is also publicly available) to provide technical support to members. It provides links to items which the author, and other GXCC members, have found to be useful. New contributions and corrections are welcomed.

All the content in these pages has been contributed by individual members of GXCC who are sharing their own experiences in good faith with the hope it will assist other GXCC members. Neither GXCC or the individual members take any responsibility for any issues arising from using the data, or links, provided. Non members using this site must use the information provided at their own risk. Any issues discovered should be reported to the address given in the section New submissions below.

This page links to topic pages of general interest and from each Topic Page there are links to download programs or documentation that GXCC members have found to be useful. In general these items are free and many are open source. There are exceptions and then the cost (valid at the time the data was entered) is noted with each item.

Current Topic Pages

In most cases a link will be provided in the displayed table to send an email to the contributor of the item.

New submissions and corrections

If any links in these pages are broken, the information provided is found to be out of date or inappropriate, or if you have any new contributions then please please let me know by clicking the link in the box or typing in the email address shown Our address.

Technical Note

The Topic pages are not produced in standard HTML. They are created in a format called XML which gives great flexibility in presenting the data. In particular an item may conveniently appear in more than one heading if this is appropriate. Your browser complies these using a "transform" process from XML structured data into HTML5 format that your browser understands.

An important note to add is that the email address shown against the contributor is NEVER held in the form of an email address on the pages stored on the web server. The three parts i.e. contributor name, email prefix and email domain are three separate items and the "transform" that converts these fields into the link you see takes place within your own browser. This is a scheme which makes it more difficult for scammers to harvest email addresses from these web pages and use them maliciously.

Additional Information


The information contained below has not been updated for some time and needs to be reviewed and, if necessary, revised.

Advice/supplementary information pages

Some of these links are now in DropBox (marked *) - let me know if this causes any problems.

Please note that these items have not been verified/updated for some time.

"How to" Guides


As I have been writing the advice and supplementary pages I have realised that there may be a need to take a printed copy of the information. With the thumbnail approach for screen shots this would not be easy. With my latest advice document I have therefore changed my approach - let me know what you think. This has been produced as a PDF file. This has the benefit that I can add a copyright notice more easily but it remains free for non- commercial use.

It is my intention to add to this list as long as I have sufficient space on my ISP server.

Current list of guides


Click on the link against each topic on the following pages to contact contributor. Note that some contributors have requested that their email addresses are not published on this web site. Use the GXCC members only forum, or wait for the next meeting, if no address is shown!

For the pages that are held in XML the contributor's email address is not stored on the web site but is created dynamically by the local browser when it prepares the page for display. (Try view source to see what is transferred). It is hoped that this will deter the email harvesters!


This set of pages is maintained by John Steele who has been a member of GXCC for many years. This page can be accessed directly at Please bookmark this link to return to this page.

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